Using Essential Oils to Treat Pet Ailments

essential oils

Essential oils are the aromatic compounds found in plants and they have been used for thousands of years for various purposes — from skincare to perfumes — and more recently, people have begun using them on their pets, as well.

Essential oils can be used to treat a host of pet ailments, including flea and tick control, anxiety relief and treatment for irritated skin.

Philly Pet Care’s own Kristie is a big proponent of essential oil use for pets (she’s also a doTerra distributor) and she has seen some really terrific results, first-hand.

She says that she’s had a ton of success with lavender essential oil in helping to calm anxious and stressed dogs. “It’s amazing during thunderstorms and was a lifesaver on July 4th,” she says.

Hot spots can also be relieved through essential oil therapy. One of PPC’s daily walks had two terrible hot spots from biting at his own skin. After getting permission from his owner, Kristie treated the dog’s spots with a lavender spray mixed with fractionated coconut oil. It began working right away! He stopped biting at his skin after the first application and the spots completely cleared up within two weeks. 

After Kristie and Dave’s dog, Janey, had surgery a few weeks ago, they applied a spray of lavender, frankincense, hellchrysm and fractionated coconut oil once a day to the surgical site and it was very effective in promoting healing and relieving itch. 

Kristie says that when introducing oils to pets, it’s important to go slow. Allow the pet to smell the oil before applying it to them to judge their reaction. Owners know their pets best and will be able to tell if their pet is enjoying the aromatherapy or not. Essential oils can be diluted with coconut oil and you should always note the quality of oils when using them on skin or pets. Therapeutic-grade oils are the safest for this purpose. Other grades of oils may be harmful to use in such a manner, so make sure to thoroughly research your oils before you begin to use them on yourself of your pets.

There are a few ways to use essential oils. The two most common and easiest methods for use on pets are topical and aromatic applications. For a topical application, you can apply oils directly to the desired area or spray the oil on using a squirt bottle. For larger areas, it’s helpful to mix the essential oil with coconut oil, which acts as a carrier. If you’d like to take the aromatic approach, you can place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball or use a diffuser which atomizes and disperses the oil’s therapeutic aroma into the air.

As with any medical treatments, you should talk to your veterinarian before using any essential oils on your pets. They are generally safe, when used correctly and in moderation, but there are some things you need to be cautious of, especially when it comes to using essential oils on or around cats, since cats cannot effectively metabolize essential oil components.

Contact Kristie for any questions you may have regarding adding essential oils into your pet’s healthcare routine.

Has anyone used essential oils on a pet before? What have your results been?

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