Sitter Spotlight: Amanda

In this business, trust is not an option — it’s a necessity — and one way to trust us more completely is to get to know us better. Throughout the coming months, we’ll be featuring members of our Philly Pet Care team in a series of posts we’re calling “Sitter Spotlight.” These posts will help to give you a better idea of who we are and why we make such a great team. First up… Amanda!

amanda oscar

Amanda and Oscar. Amanda’s the one in the tan hat. 🙂

Amanda was born in Canada, raised in Boston and attended college in Philly. After graduating with a BFA in Acting from UARTS, she decided to stay right here in our city and we are so happy she did!

“Amanda’s good nature is contagious,” says Philly Pet Care owner, Kristie. “She is the kind of person you just want to be around because she is so fun. Kids and dogs sense it, too, and they love being with her,” she adds.

Amanda has loved animals since birth and in particular, is especially fond of dogs and birds. One of her fondest memories of her own pets is of her bird, Koko, a Budgie, who accompanied her to college. “My friends loved to visit with him during finals to alleviate some stress. Whenever you put on music he would dance and sing and everyone loved to watch him run across the floor like a little dinosaur!”  She loves being able to call her daily time spent with animals work. “One of my favorite things about being a sitter is that it allows me to be outside for a few hours everyday,” Amanda says. “I have so many friends who work in office jobs who sit inside from 9-5 and when I’m out biking from pet to pet, it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

If you’re looking at Amanda’s photo and thinking to yourself, ‘Boy, she looks familiar!,’ it could be because you’ve seen her recently in another spotlight. Since graduating in 2012, she’s been in several productions in Pittsburgh and New York, in addition to shows right here in Philly. She’s currently working on creating a one-woman-show about a soldier returning from Afghanistan with PTSD and she aspires to become a full-time, Philadelphia-based actress and to travel throughout the US and Canada performing.

In addition to acting and spending time with animals, Amanda enjoys painting and creating mixed media art, jigsaw puzzles, and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

We love having Amanda as part of the Philly Pet Care team and for those of you whose pets know her, we’re certain that they love her, too!

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