Schedule Services

For your convenience, we offer flexible online scheduling for your dog and cat care services. Do you need a dog walker on a specific, set schedule? Want your pet care services to run like clockwork? Does your kitty need her dish refilled at noon on the dot? Philly Pet care makes it simple with this handy online scheduler.

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Need Help Booking an Appointment?

Philly Pet Care wants it to be as easy as possible for you to book your appointment.

Use this system to create a booking and to add notes and requests for specific visits.

Let’s use this example: Philly Pet Care, I would like to schedule the following: PM visit on Saturday, AM and PM visit on Sunday, and AM and PM visit on Monday.


1 – Create appointment name.
2 – Select beginning date.
3 – Select ending date.
4 – Press continue.

The next screen will bring you to the question: “Will the schedule be the same for all days?” For this appointment, the answer is no because the first day is only one visit and the other days include two visits. Click “No.”

The top of the screen tells you what day you are on, and the system will take you through each day. You can select your pet care service, and then “PM Visit” for the first day. The drop-down menu will ask about poop pick up. Click “Continue.”

After you have gone through each day, the system brings you to a screen that says it has been submitted. You will see everything you have selected and a little blue note pad next to each visit.

If you have any special instructions, just click on the notepad, type in your message, and click “Save.”

Give us a call if you have any further questions at 215-485-2166. We are always here to assist you in booking the best pet care service in Philadelphia!