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Linus Loves Daycare

May 04, 2013 by Nicole and Linus

Linus loves going to day care and I love how calm and tired he is afterwards! You guys are so reliable, flexible and accommodating, especially with the overnight visits. I can rest easy when I go away, as I know Linus will be well taken care of and treated as part of your family. So glad I found you!


May 04, 2013 by Lydia and Logan

My Logan, a 1 year old Boxer in March, is in LOVE with Dave and Kristie. I have been using their services since he was 4 months old. From some of the tough puppy training with very frequent walks to extra long stays during the day when needed, Dave and Kristie never fail to provide the best care for Logan. I mostly use their full day care with round trip pick up and drop off. I am a city girl, without a car and a 12 hour work day starting at 7 am. I looked into day care places but none of them were close enough for me to walk him there (since they don't pick up) and wouldn't let me drop of early enough before going to work. Let alone, there would be way too many dogs all at once for my preference. The cost and service options drew me in at first. When I visited their house to see how Logan's day would go, saw how lovely they are, and how they take care of each dog individually (pointing out specific personalities of each dog there that day), I was sold!
They have always kept me informed with whats going on, left notes about Logan's day, and behavior updates as well. Logan would forget that their house is not an actual doggy park and would pee inside, even after knowing he is not allowed. We worked through some training together and used the same discipline techniques to help Logan understand the difference. At first, I was nervous how Logan would react to their son running along with the dogs at daycare, but I can tell by his behavior around kids that he has been taught how to act around little humans. A great stepping stone for him to learn if I'll have my own kids some day.
I have frequently forgotten about scheduling Logan until a few days before the day I would need. But they always seem to be able to make things work. Even if they are busy, they suggest solutions and we work together to make sure Logan gets taken care of. I can count on them.
Best of all, Logan is tired every day he comes home. I know he enjoys his day care days because when we run into them walking dogs around our neighborhood he gets boxer "wiggle butt" happy (the true sign of a boxers love). They are really wonderful people who have a big heart for our pets and love them as their own. I have recommended them before and will many times over. Thanks Dave and Kristie for loving Logan and being the best dog care service this side of the Mississippi! , USA 5.0 5.0 12 12 Dave and Kristie have helped us for the past 3 years with our cat. He is diabetic and needs other meds so I need to be sure I have someone very reliable while we are away. Dave a