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Here at Philly Pet Care, we’re pleased to offer a wide array of service options to meet the needs of you and your pets and we strive each day to make our company the very best it can be. While we believe we are some of the top pet care providers in the Philadelphia are, one of our services, specifically, sets us apart from many of our competitors. It’s a service that might be described as something in-between dog boarding and pet-sitting — it’s Philly Pet Care’s in-our-home pet care.

With our in-our-home service, your pets come to us and become part of our family while you’re away — whether it’s for one day while you’re at work, or for one week while you’re on vacation. While we find that many dogs do well with traditional pet-sitting visits (in which we visit your home several times throughout the day to care for your pet), those that may benefit from this specialized service include the very old or very young, those with special needs, those that thrive in a group environment or those who do not do well when left alone.

To be considered for in-our-home service, a dog must meet the following requirements:

  • be completely potty-trained (with the exception of puppies who are still being crate-trained)
  • be friendly with other dogs, cats, and children
  • have no destructive behaviors
  • be well-mannered (no excessive barkers, please)

When your dog stays with us, they are treated like one of our own. They are given free range in our home, including use of our basement, which is set up with lots of open space and a soft floor. We also have a deck where they can catch some rays or some zzz’s (we set up a pool in the summer for hot days), but the real allure of our house is that we do everything in our power to make our guests feel that it’s their home-away-from-home. Dogs are not crated unless requested to do so by owners. Walks are encouraged throughout the day to offer potty time and a bit of fresh air and exercise. Also included in your dog’s stay are lots of kisses, belly rubs and snuggles, as well as transportation to and from your home. Pick up hours are between 8-10am and drop off is 4-6pm.

Soaking up some sunshine on the deck!

Soaking up some sunshine on the deck!

Before a dog can check out our place, we first require a consultation in the pet’s home. From there, it we think the dog will be a good fit for the in-our-home service, owners are welcome to stop by our home to see what we have to offer. If a dog who is currently not a client would like to use this service, we require at least one trial day of daycare before we will permit entry. Please keep in mind that this is our home and not a boarding facility, so we must be selective with the pets we allow to stay with us to ensure the peace and well-being of all pets in our care. We also place a limit on the number of guests staying with us at one time, so spots fill rather quickly and availability is not always guaranteed. We recommend booking this service well in advance.

A "ruff" day at PPC!!

A “ruff” day at PPC!!

If your pet is not the right fit for our in-our-home service, we trust that one of our other services can meet your and your pets’ requirements. Contact us for more information about any of our services.

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