Dog Birthday Parties…A New Trend?

It’s not uncommon to have a small treat for your dog on their birthday, but lately at our dog daycare we have seen a growing trend for full blow birthday parties. I must admit, I have been caught up in the excitement too and look forward to throwing our next party for one of our pack members.


The party’s remind of when I was young. The Birthday Boy or Girl’s mom would bake a delicious treat for the class to enjoy. The teacher would set up a special birthday theme for the day and there was always a buzz of happiness. The same thing happens at dog daycare.

During our last party, the dogs just knew it was a birthday celebration day and could hardly wait for me to get the treats ready. They swarmed around and were all of a sudden the best behaved crew you have ever seen. After the party they all needed to nap!

It’s all in good dog fun! I think we have the best dog daycare birthday bashes in Philly and I enjoy being a part of it all. Check out of our pawtastic parties on the link below.

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Kristie is part of the husband-and-wife team that own and run Philly Pet Care. She is the proud mom to son Connor and three fur kids, including two cats, Street Cat and Diesel, and dog Janey, a terrier mix adopted from a no-kill shelter. Janey is lovingly referred to as the “house dog” and is Philly Pet Care’s mascot. Learn more and come find me on Google+

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