Dangers To Your Pets During The Winter Months.

Winter time in Philly can be brutal. We are a city that walks and bikes everywhere, even in freezing temperatures. Philadelphians will bundle up and head out, but what about our pets?
Here is a list of possible dangerous to lookout for during the winter months.
BRING EM IN: It is important to use common sense for pets that are outdoors during extreme temperatures. If it is too cold for you, then it is too cold for your pet. During a walk time outdoors should be limited. You should watch your pet closely for signs of any distress including shivering, anxious behavior, slowing or stoping during a walk. If you see any of these signs you should seek shelter and warm your pet up with blankets as quickly as possible.

CHECK YOUR ENGINS: Cats will curl up against your car engine in the winter months to stay warm. Before starting your car, be sure to check under the car, tap on your hood or honk your horn to ensure not critters are hiding in there.

CHECK THIER PAWS: Pets that are outdoors can be exposed to rock salt and antifreeze during the winter months. Both of these can cause paw pads to become irritated, cracked, or bleed. If ingested, they can cause an inflammation of the digestive tract. To ensure your pets safety after a walk, wipe their paws with a warm wash cloth.

DRESS EM UP: If your pet will tolerate it a sweater can help keep them warm. Booty’s can also do a world of good protecting their paws from the elements and cold. Remember that dressing your pets up will not completely protect them. Dogs loss heat from their paw pads, ears and respiratory track so it is still important to limit the outside time during extreme temperatures.

Every dog will have a different tolerance to extreme cold weather. Always use caution in hazardous weather and pay close attention to your pets. We have to advocate for own pets safety since they can not tell us they are cold. Common sense and intuition can be the best defense to keep our pets safe. Of course, if you think your pet needs medical attention seek help from a veterinarian immediately.

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