Tips and Tricks for Beating the Summer Heat with your furry friends!


The warm weather has officially arrived! Temperatures are in the 90’s and it’s easy for us humans to park ourselves in front of the AC or take a cold shower, but cooling off isn’t as easy for our pets!

Here are some tips for helping your four legged friends stay cool this summer!


  1. Seize the shade!

Your pets can become easily dehydrated. Whether you’re in the backyard or at the park, make sure your pet has plenty of areas where they can get out of the sun and cool down in the shade. Bringing along a portable water dish and a bottle of water are a great and easy way to keep your pup hydrated. If you decide to enjoy one of the outdoor dining experiences that Philadelphia has to offer, opt for a table in the shade so your pup can stay cool and ask for a dish of water.


  1. Know the signs

Our dogs can’t sweat like we can. So when the temperature begins to climb, our pups start to pant. Panting is normal in warm weather or when your dog is exercising, but it is important to know the signs to determine if your pup is just cooling off, or in danger. An overheated pet can show different symptoms including excessive panting, rapid heart rate and drooling. In some cases animals can also have diarrhea and vomit. Dogs with flat faces and short snouts are more at risk for heatstroke because they cannot pant as well as other dogs. Let your dog be the judge of the heat. If you take your dog out, they will let you know if their long walk needs to be a bit shorter and is ready to head home. Humidity is also a factor. Even if the temperature may not be at its peak, strong humidity can also make it harder for your pup to cool down.

  1. Stop the parking!

A parked car, even with a window down, can quickly become a hot box of danger for your dog (and humans!) So when you can, take your pup along with you, or if you have someone else in the car, let them stay with the dog outside while you run errands

  1. Avoid the big bang

Animals can get spooked by loud noises just like us. When you head out for 4th of July activities, it’s best to leave your pets at home. Never use fireworks around your animal, they can look a lot like toys or sticks and many contain things that can be harmful for your pet.

  1. Sizzling cement

Just like dog’s feet are sensitive to extreme cold in the winter snow, their paws are also sensitive to the hot pavement. If you can’t leave your hand on the pavement without pulling it away from the heat, chances are your pups paws can’t either. Opt for walking in the shade and on grass or dirt that will be cooler. For dogs with especially sensitive paws, the boots they wear in winter are also made for the summer. They help protect from the cold snow, but can also prevent burns and blisters on your dogs paws.

  1. Get creative

Don’t rely on just the AC on those hot summer days. Try out a DIY peanut butter popsicle, or add chicken or beef brother to water to make some tasty ice cubes. There are also products such as vests and mats to help your dog keep cool.

Trust your pet’s instincts. Just like us humans, they know when they’re just too hot and ill let you know! Enjoy the summer sun with your pet. Whether it’s at the park or pool, or the ocean and a campground.

Be safe and have fun!


Philly Pet Happenings

super adoption day

Ahhhh… Spring is here and summer’s not too far behind! Tis the season of outdoor festivities and our lovely city has so many to offer during this time of the year. There’s something going on nearly every weekend, catering to just about every group possible — pets and pet lovers included! There are lots of pet-related events coming up, especially during the next few weekends. Grab your pups and check ’em out!:

Sunday, May 17: Citizens for A No-Kill Philadelphia’s Super Adoption Day

Featuring pet adoptions, vendors, food, special guests and more! Free parking, too!

When: Sunday, May 17; 11am-4pm

Where: The Piazza (1001 N. 2nd Street)

Click HERE for more information


Sunday, May 17: Ryerss Petapalooza

Featuring pet adoptions, food, a pet parade and more!

When: Sunday, May 17; 11am-2pm

Where: Ryerss Museum & Library/Burholme Park (7370 Central Avenue)

Click HERE for more information


Sunday, May 17: Morris Animal Refuge’s Family Fun Day

Featuring pet adoptions, food, live music, vendors, kids activities and more!

When: Sunday, May 17; 10:30am-2:30pm

Where: Lloyd Hall Patio — Kelly Drive (1 Boathouse Row)

Click HERE for more information


Wednesday, May 20: Philly Loves PAWS Day (this is not a festival, but it’s a great opportunity to help animals!)

Shop and dine all day at participating businesses and 10% of your purchase will be donated to PAWS — a personal favorite of ours!

When: Wednesday, May 20

Click HERE for more information and a list of participating businesses.


Saturday, May 30: The Spayed Club’s Dog Jog & Community Pet Fair

Featuring pet adoptions, food, vendors, animal blessings, kids activities and more!

When: Saturday, May 30; 7:30am: Dog Jog registration/9am-1pm: Pet Fair

Where: Reeves Park, Phoenixville

Click HERE for more information


Sunday, May 31: World of Animals’ Sunday Funday

Featuring pet adoptions, food, vendors, K9 Unit and agility demonstrations, kids activities and more! *All proceeds benefit Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

When: Sunday, May 31; 10am-3pm

Where: 3258 Knights Road, Bensalem

Click HERE for more information


Looking ahead…

August 22: ACCT’s Duck Dash

Details TBD. Click HERE for more information.


October 3: Monster Milers Rescue Run 5k

Lace up your sneaks and run for a great cause! Dogs are prohibited from running in the race, but are welcome to enjoy the post-race Rescue Rally.

When: Saturday, October 3; 8:30am: registration opens/10am: race start time

Where: The Navy Yard

Click HERE for more information


October 24: 9th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut

Details TBD. Click HERE for more information.


Please come out and show your support for these awesome organizations! They are doing wonderful things for the animals of Philadelphia!

14 Ways to Show Your Dog Love This Valentine’s Day

valentines pug

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. TOMORROW!! Are you ready?!

Forget the flowers; forget the chocolates; forget the fancy dinner reservations. If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got the perfect Valentine and, best of all, he doesn’t care about any of that stuff. As long as he has your love, he has all that he needs. Here are 14 ways to show your dog just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day, or any day, for that matter:

  1. Bake them homemade treats: what dog doesn’t love treats?! Have you ever considered making your own dog treats? It’s simple and cost-effective to do and you have absolute control over what ingredients end up (and don’t end up) in them. Here’s one of our favorite recipes and the internet is full of tons of others that your pooch will be sure to love.
  2. Take them out exploring: there is so much to see and do in our city! Don’t let the cold weather hold you back. Bundle up and head out for an adventure! Check out this post from our blog archives, which talks about five super cool places in Philly to explore with your pooch.
  3. Brush their teeth: even if they hate it. It’s one of the best things you can do for their health. Most pets end up with dental disease at some point in their life, but by getting them on a regular dental routine, which includes brushing at home, you can add up to two years onto their life expectancy!
  4. Set up a photo shoot: our pets don’t live long enough — that’s their only downfall, I think — so be sure to capture the moments you’ll want to remember forever. Set up an impromptu photo shoot with your pet. It can be staged, or candid, but should capture your pet’s true personality and interests.
  5. Make a paw print casting: this is another easy and fun way to make a memory that will last a lifetime. You can buy a kit online or from most craft stores, but it’s simple enough to make your own using a basic salt dough recipe.
  6. Challenge their mind: dogs are among the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. Keep their minds sharp with new training routines or brain games to make them think a little harder than usual.
  7. Have a play date: does your dog have a best bud? Invite him over for some fun!
  8. Go to a dog park: a trip to the dog park is a great way for Fido to burn off some extra energy and help him work on his social skills. We should also mention that dog parks are great places to meet other dog-loving folks, too. Who knows… maybe you will meet next year’s Valentine there!!!
  9. Make them a new toy: play is such an important component to a dog’s life and they should have access to a few fun toys to keep them entertained. Toys don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, though. In fact, you can even DIY toys out of stuff you probably already have laying around your house. Your dog will love them just as much as any fancy and expensive toy from the pet store.
  10. Give them your undivided attention: your time is the most precious gift you can give anyone and your dog would love to have your undivided attention for a few hours. Put down the phone, turn off the TV and do whatever your dog wants to do, whether that be a good snuggle on the couch or a fun game of fetch in the yard.
  11. Groom them: it’s a good idea to get your hands on your dog as often as you can to check them over for lumps, bumps, bruises, scratches or irritations and grooming time is a great opportunity to do so. Learn what their normals are so you can recognize a problem as soon as it arises. And what dog doesn’t love a good brushing?!
  12. Make an emergency plan: this one may not be fun, but it’s so, so important! An emergency can strike at any time, and if you’re not prepared, it can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Check out for tips for creating an emergency plan that’s right for you and your pets.
  13. Update their ID: the only jewelry your pet needs is a reliable ID tag. If they were ever to become lost, it’s their best chance of finding their way safely back to you. If they don’t have an ID tag, get them one. If theirs is hard to read, get them a new one. If your information has changed, update their ID. If your pet is microchipped, don’t forget to check your contact information for accuracy. ID and microchips only work when the information they contain is accurate!
  14. Make a donation in their name: of course you love your dog, but so many other wonderful animals are not fortunate enough to know what love feels like. For those who are still waiting for their forever homes, shelters and rescues may be their only chance, and those organizations can only operate if they have adequate funding. Consider making a donation in your pet’s name and help another deserving dog get his chance.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Enjoy your time with your four-legged loves!!!

Pet Costumes

halloween dog

Halloween is just a few days away… Have you picked out your costume yet? How about for your kids? And don’t forget the pets! Whether you’re planning on bringing your pooch along for Trick-or-Treating, entering him in a costume contest, or just want to celebrate at home on Halloween night, it’s easy and fun to include your pet in the festivities.

If you need a costume for your four-legged pal, but are having a hard time coming up with ideas, check out these tips to help you decide on the perfect one!

Stick with a theme

If your kids are being superheroes, let the dog be one, too! Everyone knows a superhero needs a super-dog sidekick! Just about every theme you could imagine can include a canine member or two.

Play up a unique trait

Maybe your dog has a ton of brown, shaggy fur. He’d make an awesome Ewok. Or, maybe she has only one eye. A perfect pirate. Maybe he’s white and a little pudgy. Turn him into a marshmallow! Play up what’s already there.

Give DIY a try

If the thought of making a costume for your dog makes you shudder, don’t let it. It’s not as hard as you may think. Check out some DIY tutorials for an inexpensive option. DIYing is the way to go for last-minute costumes.

Throw in some wit

Think outside the box a little for a humorous twist. Poop factory, anyone? Or, maybe you can dress up your dog’s back end, instead. Heck, he doesn’t even need a costume at all! Tap into that creative side for a one-of-a-kind costume.

Keep it simple

If you’re stuck for ideas, stop thinking so hard. Raid the kids’ dress-up box or even your own closet for inspiration. Put a cowboy hat on your pooch and tie a bandana around his neck or wrap a feather boa around her and throw on a strand of faux pearls. Voila —  instant cowboy or glam girl!

Hit the internet

If all else fails, hit the internet for inspiration! Type  “dog costume ideas” into a search engine and get lost in the results. You’re bound to find something that catches your eye! Here are some of the coolest ideas we found:

Play it safe

Whatever costume you decide on for your dog, please remember to keep their safety your number one priority! Costumes should not obstruct their sight or ability to walk, eat and drink normally. Be sure to keep small parts or anything they could chew off away from their mouths and remember, no candy for Fido!!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!



7 Cool, Dog-Friendly Hangout Spots in the City

dog dining

Fall is here which means lots of beautiful, sunny days and cool, crisp nights are in store. It’s the perfect time of year to spend some time outdoors with your pups and the city has a ton of cool, dog-friendly hangout spots where you can meet up with friends (two and four-legged!) or just relax with your pooch to take in all the beauty that this season has to offer. Here are seven spots worth checking out:

El Camino Real, located in Northern Liberties’ (very dog-friendly!) Piazza at Schmidts is a hot gathering spot for cool, refreshing margaritas and delicious Tex-Mex fare. Their outside patio is dog-friendly and is a great spot for people- and pooch-watching! Olé!

The Abbaye is the spot for great, seasonal beer selections and tasty, made-from-scratch (and definitely not your average!) bar food. Dogs are welcomed with open arms and an endless supply of refreshing H20. Read about one dog’s trip to The Abbaye (along with a few other cool Philly spots), here.

White Dog Cafe in University City (there’s a second location in Wayne) boasts fresh, environmentally-sustainable ingredients to offer a one-of-a-kind “farm to table” dining experience. Dogs are welcome in the outdoor dining area, so bring your canine pal and enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch, dinner or happy hour!

Old City’s FARMiCiA offers diners a fun, eclectic and delicious dining experience. Creative dishes, designed to please everyone, including a great vegetarian and vegan selection, are created with local, seasonal ingredients. Fido won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check out this awesome place, either!

Rouge is a popular dining and meetup destination in Rittenhouse Square — and for good reasons. The bistro fare has earned a reputation as some of the best in the city and the views from the eatery’s outside dining area can’t be beat. Your canine companion will be greeted with enthusiasm as you and he sit down for a delicious meal.

At Doobies in Rittenhouse, you won’t get glitz and glamour, but you will get friendly faces, great drink specials and best of all, a super dog-friendly atmosphere. This dive bar offers a fun and cozy setting and well-behaved pooches are welcome to join their humans in the fun! Doobies is a big supporter of pet-related causes and is host to fundraisers and special events, throughout the year, which benefit animal organizations.

Pizzeria Stella, a Stephen Starr establishment located in Society Hill, places a creative twist on a classic favorite. In addition to pizza, this eatery offers delicious pasta dishes and homemade gelato. Bring your dog along for some great Italian eating and lots of people-watching at one of their outdoor tables.

There’s still some beautiful weather to be had before the cold winter weather makes its arrival. Grab some friends, pack up your pooch and order up a refreshing cocktail and some delicious grub and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite dog-friendly hangouts in the city?

** To err on the side of caution, if you plan on bringing Fido along to any of the places we listed above, it’s a good idea to give a quick call ahead of time to make sure the establishment’s pet policies have not changed! **

The Five Best Places To Walk Your Dog in Philly


Looking for an exciting, new place to walk your dog in the Philadelphia area? Check out these fantastic local spots for some of the best dog-walking opportunities the City of Brotherly Love has to offer!

At approximately 10 miles in length, this trail provides an amazing view of the city. An added bonus is that the Schuylkill River Dog Park is just around the corner from the trail.


This is one of the best places to people watch in the city! You never know what you will see — live bands, dancers, clowns — there’s always something happening here.  There is no shortage of plush, green grass in the park and there are always tons of other pooches for your fur kids to mingle with. A fun side note about this park: parts of the movie In Her Shoes was filmed here, which proves just how good of a dog- walking spot it is.


Known to the locals as “The Lakes” this historic park has it all! Tons of fields, lots of spots to relax and of course, lakes. If your pooch loves to swim then this is the place to be.


This place is a hidden gem just outside of the city limits. With over 50 miles of rugged forest trails, you and your dog will be rejuvenated by the fresh air and sights and sounds of nature in this quiet, scenic hideaway. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world as you traverse the trails with your favorite four-legged pal.


If your dog is a bird chaser, then you may want to hold on tight for this one! This refuge was established in 1972 for the purpose of preserving this natural area, know as Tinicum Marsh. This spot will get your dog’s tail wagging while you observe an abundance of wildlife in its natural setting.


Have have you ever been to any of these places with your fur kid? Where is your favorite place to walk your dogs? Let us know in the comments!   philly-infographic-v2

Interview With Seger Dog Park’s President

Giving back to the community whenever possible is something that Philly Pet Care strongly believes in. So when we heard about the opportunity to become a sponsor for one of Philadelphia’s own dog parks, it was a no-brainer for us to get involved.

Seger Dog Park, located at 11th & Lombard in South Philadelphia, was just recently awarded the honor of Philly’s Best Dog Park! It’s a completely member-run organization that serves as a community hub for dog owners in the area and as a sponsor, we are thrilled to know that our support goes directly toward keeping the park in pristine order.

As a member of the local community, you, too, can play an integral role in keeping Seger Dog Park in tip-top shape for park members and their four-legged friends. When you become a member of Seger Dog Park, you are supporting a wonderful organization that strives to provide a safe, fun space for dogs and their owners to mingle while fostering an important sense of community. As an added bonus, members are eligible for special perks from local business sponsors. It truly is a win-win situation for all parties!

Philly Pet Care’s own Kristie recently had the opportunity to talk one-on-one, with Seger Dog Park’s Board President, Andrew Freedman, to find out a little more about the park’s history, its membership and its future. You can check out the interview, below.

Oh, and be sure to connect with Seger Dog Park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Have you ever been to Seger Dog Park? What did you think?