5 Ways A Group Walk Can Benift You And Your Dog

On the Friday after Thanksgiving this year, our regular schedule was a bit off because of the holiday. I always start the pack walk around Center City with two dogs that live in the same home named Grady and Baxter. On this day, I picked them up and we walked our regular route but as we got closer to the building’s entrance where we normally stop to pick up two of their friends, Grady put on the brakes and would not walk. I could see in his eyes he was telling me to GO GET HIS FRIENDS! He could not understand why I was going to just leave them and not pick them up! I told Grady that it was OK and that we did not have them today. I finally convinced him to move on. Grady’s behavior got me thinking how much group walks benefit dogs. Here are five reasons why dogs and dog owners love group walks.


  1. YOUR DOG MAKES FRIENDS I see the type of behavior that Grady was displaying all the time in group walks. Dogs that walk together daily form a bond that we call a “pack”. They enjoy seeing their friends everyday and have fun on their walks while getting in some socialization in monitored, safe environment. I often hear from owners that they get to know other owners because their dog pulled them to their fur friends houses or towards each other when the encounter on the street.
  2. PACK DOGS TEACH EACH OHTER HEATHY BEHAVIOR Dogs are social animals and they thrive when they are able to be part of a heathy pack. Allowing you pooch to participate in a group walk can help balance your dogs behavior and even teach them a new skill or two. For example, we love to pair up a puppy who is not the best walker on leash with a balanced pack. Suddenly the puppy is walking along and enjoying the freedom and stimulation that comes from being part of that pack. It can also help with many other situation like pulling, fear or shy behaviors.  The benefits are endless.
  3. POOCHES GET TO GO POTTY! This one is pretty self explanatory but of course they get to go potty while out there on the walk.
  4. THE DOG WALKER IS NOT DISTRACTED I see distracted walkers all the time around the city. They are on their phones texting, or talking away or listening to music. However take notice the next time you see a person walking more then one dog. If that person is in control of their pack, you can bet they won’t be on their phone.
  5. THEY ARE MORE WORN OUT AT THE END OF THE WALK This one is always the owners favorite. I hear all the time, “so and so is much better behaved after the group walk”. Proper pack behavior requires dogs to be focused and balanced. Doing these two things alone helps dogs calm down, then by adding a walk in, you have a recipe for success.

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Kristie is part of the husband-and-wife team that own and run Philly Pet Care. She is the proud mom to son Connor and three fur kids, including two cats, Street Cat and Diesel, and dog Janey, a terrier mix adopted from a no-kill shelter. Janey is lovingly referred to as the “house dog” and is Philly Pet Care’s mascot. Learn more and come find me on Google+

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